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Our Education Committee is working on an upcoming schedule of classes. Some topics being considered are Beginners Guide to Computers, Beginners Guide to the Internet, Beginners Guide to E-mail, Introduction to Word Processing with Microsoft Word, Introduction to Excel and Quicken, Introduction to PowerPoint, Creating a Newsletter, Photo Sharing, Creating Your Own Web Pages, Buying and Selling on E-Bay, Computer Security for Everyone and Building Your Own Computer. If you have an interest in one of the above classes or have another specific need or a suggestion for a new class, let us know at, or give us a call toll free at 888.955.6727! Here are some of our previous Classes and Workshops.

How to Sign Up and More!

Once are schedule is set, to reserve your seat for a class (limited), please call our toll free number (888) 955-6727 or drop us an e-mail at! Make sure you tell us your name, your telephone number (in case we need to cancel the class due to weather) and the date and name of the class you want to attend. Classroom space is limited, so don't wait - sign up today (or there may not be space left)!

NSCS members pay only $25 and non-members $35 per each evening class. You do not need to prepay, but we do need to know how many people are coming to a class to prepare the right number of handouts, so please make reservations. You may pay with cash or check on the night of the event and membership forms will be available at the class, to sign up that night and get the member's rate.

More Class/Workshop Info:
Additional details on our educational programs can be found here.

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