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Dr. Robert Langston's Web Links!

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This list of Web sites, part of the presentation at the November 2001 Monthly Meeting, should further your understanding of the medical resources on the Web. Other links of general interest can be found on our Net Highlights page.

These are by no means comprehensive, so if you find some sites that you think might belong in this list, by all means send an email to Also, if you find a link that's "broken", please drop our webmaster a note.

Dr. Langston's Links

Doctor Langston's Pediatric Home
Although no longer actively maintained, the site still has good info and many of the following links are available directly from there.
AIM (Administrators in Medicine) DocFinder
A launch page which will take you to sites in many different states (including Massachusetts) where you can find more information about a specific doctor
The American Board of Pediatrics
Another good launch page, this one for information relating to pediatrics including information on the certification of pediatric physicians and a finder for locating pediatric physicians by name, location or specialty.
FirstGov, The Official Site for U.S. Government Info
This site is the first place you should go when you want to locate just about anything related to our government. From nutrition to health, the medical links are quite comprehensive.
Food and Drug Administration
Looking for information about food, drugs or any of the myriad of other items the FDA has responsibility over? Start your search here. Medical and Health Care Resources
A good, general purpose, family health care resource site.
Mass Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Home of the MCAAP, there are quite a few pediatric links to be found here.
National Institute of Health: Health Info
Dozens of health related links, including PubMed (below) and drug information.
Looking for information which has been published in any medical or scientific journal on just about any medical topic? Start here.
RxList - The Internet Drug List
Just about any information you could ask for about drugs, prescribed, over the counter or alternative, can be found here. See the list of the Top 200 Most Prescribed Drugs or for a bit of fun, try RxLaughs, the Internet Drug Comix.
Tufts Managed Care Institute
Many of the health care companies have web sites; this one is the Tufts Managed Care site. Not a lot for the general public.
US News Health Site
Another good launch site with plenty of information. Check out the Best Hospitals link for rankings of the best hospitals by location or by specialty.

NSCS Member Suggestions

Foreign Language Medical Translations
When a member asked how to help someone with limited English skills communicate with a doctor, Charlene Long suggested searching Yahoo using the words "online dictionary" and "German" to locate a place where you can translate a medical term from English to German and back. The site she found, did just that.

When she searched a little further, she found the Multilingual Glossary of Medical Terms which could be searched in nine European languages.
Phonetic Drug Information
For those people with medical backgrounds,finding drug information in one of the above links is not that difficult even when the name is difficult to pronounce. For the rest of us, especially those of us who are hearing challenged, Charlene Long suggests using the Phonetic Drug Information site at, a service provided by the DrKoop site , where you can enter an approximation of the spelling and get back the real name and other information about a drug.

Charlene suggests checking the "Contains" button rather than the "Starts" With and making sure the "Sounds Like" box is checked for best results.
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