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Monthly Program Schedule

January 14, 2021, Thursday, 7:00PM
Virtual Zoom Meeting: Useful Utilities for Windows 10

All our ONSITE meetings have been cancelled due to the closing of the McCarthy Auditorium at the PMLP, because of COVID-19 virus concerns.

We are currently using Zoom Virtual Meetings to provide alternatives for moving forward during these difficult times. Below are the details for this month's meeting.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop us an email - info AT Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

January 14, 2021 - Thursday, 7:00PM (about 45 minutes)
Virtual NSCS Meeting with Zoom!

Useful Utilities for Windows 10

Upcoming for January
This month's speaker and NSCS member, Ron Block will present a discussion on essential utilities over and above what is supplied with Windows 10.

These would include software that Ron uses almost daily for a variety of reasons. Ron would include somewhere between 16 to 18 different products in the discussion. While many of the products have versions for the Apple platform, Ron may not be up to date in that arena.

Tonight's Speaker: Ron Block
Ron has spent many years in a variety of IT positions starting in 1970 as an RCA Computer Systems Rep and advancing to Programmer, Senior Programmer, Opsware Manager (Operations Software), and VP Network Software in a variety of organizations.

He has managed an international data network of over 28,000 devices in the US, Canada and western Europe. He later spent 15 years running a franchise dedicated to Time Management, Productivity and MS Outlook training.

He is a past President of the Lynnfield Rotary and an Assistant Governor in his Rotary District. He is also active in the Lynnfield Senior Center, a member of A Healthy Lynnfield and a trustee of his congregation in Peabody. As noted, Ron is also a member of the NSCS.

What are your thoughts on future presentations?
We would also like to discuss possible topics for future presentations. Joe has a couple of ideas, but would like your feedback too. What are your thoughts on any of the above or interests for future presentations? Let Joe know!

Tech Talk this Thursday too
We'll also have Tech Talk Time this Thursday. If you have technology questions, about anything, please join us too. You are welcome to share them with Joe ahead of time (email below), so he can do some research on your subject/issue.

Remote Clinics continue for Members
As always, our remote Clinic/computer repair services continue to be available to NSCS members. Please let Dick Jewell know if you need assistance from Jerry or Jay, and he will make arrangements.

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Why not forward this message to someone who would benefit from being an NSCS member? In fact... why not make them a gift subscription? Remember, now that we've gone virtual, anyone in the US can join the NSCS and benefit!

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Send your questions or feedback to Info@NorthShoreComputer.Org.

We look forward to Zooming with you this Thursday at 7PM.

-Joe Riess
President, NSCS

Remember - we're always looking for feedback on meeting topics and how we might make your experience at the meetings more helpful.

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