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Monthly Program Schedule

February - Fire Up Your Smart (or Dumb) TV With An Amazon Fire Stick!

NOTE: This month's event is being held in the McCarthy Auditorium at the Peabody Municipal Light Plant, 201 Warren Street Extension, Peabody, MA (directions).

February 14, 2019 - Thursday, 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Fire Up Your Smart (or Dumb) TV With An Amazon Fire Stick!

Do you have an older Smart TV, but not getting as much out of it as you thought? Or as much as you think you should?

Are you stuck with the services of your older Smart TV? Hulu, but not Netflix? Is the performance of the Smart TV getting you down?

Come to this month's meeting to find out why this and other issues led Jonas Green, long time Computer Society Member and occasional presenter, to get an inexpensive Amazon FireTV.

Come learn about the FireTV, it's features and limitations.

Remember - we're always looking for feedback on meeting topics and how we might make your experience at the meetings more helpful.

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