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Monthly Program Schedule

June - Digital Story Telling with Walter Booth

NOTE: This month's event is being held at the McCarthy Auditorium at the Peabody Municipal Light Plant, 201 Warren Street Extension, Peabody, MA (directions).

June 8, 2017 - Thursday, 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Digital Story Telling with Walter Booth

It is time to tell your story, by exploring the the art of digital story telling. At this month's NSCS meeting, Mr. Walter Booth will give a presentation about how to plan and build your own story by writing it down, practice reading, getting timing down and using photos.

Mr. Booth will also demonstrate editing, and adding background music and sound effects to fit the theme of your story. While his presentation will be focused on the use of an iPad, computers and other other smart devices and apps as well as other resources will be mentioned as he details the nuts and bolts of digital story telling.

Walter Booth
Walter Booth is a member of the Explorers Lifelong Learners Institute at Salem State University, where he has presented numerous courses, and lead a Digital Storytelling workshop.

Remember - we're always looking for feedback on meeting topics and how we might make your experience at the meetings more helpful.

Tech Talk Time:
Also, don’t miss our “Tech Talk Time” - your opportunity to get your technology questions answered by experts. Bring any and all of your questions about computers, tablets, smartphones, and any other tech devices to the meeting, and we will do our best to come up with solutions and answers. Bring your own answers too, join the conversation!

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