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Don's Year 2000 Links!

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This list of Web sites, part of the presentation at the October 14, 1999 Monthly Meeting, should further your understanding of Year 2000 issues and provide you with help in dealing with the problems you may encounter in the new year. Other links of interest can be found on our Net Highlights page.

It is by no means comprehensive, so if you find other sites that you think might be appropriate to include, by all means send me an email at Also, if you find a link that's "broken", please drop our webmaster a note.

Year 2000 Meta Sites

These sites are more than just groups of links. Each of these sites is a fairly comprehensive site with many links to other sites as well as reference materials.

Ziff Davis Y2K Site
Ziff Davis, the publisher of many magazines and the organizer of many trade shows, has one of the best meta sites on the topic. Lots of references to other sites as well as relatively neutral information on how to prepare for the new millennium.
CNet Y2K.COM Site
CNet, a major rival of Ziff Davis, also runs a Y2K meta site. And they got the Y2K.COM domain before anyone else. Lots more links here as well as lots of advice on how to deal with the problem.
Year 2000 Information Center
Sponsored by the Year 2000 Partnership, this site is a somewhat scattered group of links, some a bit commercial, some a bit too dark. But there is certainly a lot of information and even a bit of entertainment.
Y2KNET National Educational Task Force
Another good source of Y2K information, better balanced than most.
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As can be expected with a problem as huge as this, our government as well as that of other countries has been busy making their preparations and trying to assure us that everything will be alright. Well, almost everything...

U. S. Government Gateway for Year 2000 Information Directories
In other words, this site contains links to other sites within the government which detail what they are doing or have done to prepare for the problem.
Y2K For Kids
Are your children prepared? This site, sponsored by the GSA, has a down to earth approach which your kids will appreciate, at least those not already employed by a Fortune 500 company to fix their problems. Also has a few links to other related sites.
SBA Y2K for Small Businesses
If you run a small business, this is an excellent reference for you. Also has lots of links to other resources for the small businessperson.
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Y2K News Network
Lots of current news about Y2K issues and preparations. They also publish a biweekly printed magazine.
Computer Currents Y2K News
Computer Currents newspaper has a site specializing in Y2K news.
Y2K Today
Focusing on news but there are a lot of other good links here, too.
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Year 2000 Liability Resource
More resources for the legal aspects of the Y2K problem.
Year 2000 Risk Management
Looking to avoid a lawsuit? This would be a good place to start.
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Tony Keyes: The Y2K Investor
This site probably belongs as much in the Doom and Gloom section as here, but if you have a lot of money invested in something other than old bubble gum wrappers, it is worth a look here. Just remember that there are a lot of people peddling advice about everything and not a lot of them have your best interest in mind.
Federal Reserve Board Y2K Page
The Federal Reserve Board's position on the problem. Lots of good resource links here for those with a financial stake in the problem.
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Doom and Gloom

Gary North's Y2K Site
One of the disciples of doom, Gary has prepared extensive reports on the problem and what he believes the outcome will be. While it can be a bit depressing, there are lots of good links and even some good advice for those who don't believe but who still believe in being cautious.
Prepare 4 Y2K
Not all gloom, but the site does concentrate on linking you to others who are preaching doom. Still, lots of good advice, but temper it with a bit of common sense.
Ed Yourdon's Y2K Site
One of the first to raise the alarm, Ed Yourdon is one of the best known programmers from the last few decades, famous for his contributions to the practice of Structured Programming. Ed has put his money where his mouth is, moving his family from the city to the country to avoid the problems he believes will occur in urban areas. Worth a read, even if only to get a feel for the scope of the problem.
The Cassandra Project
A grassroots non-profit organization preaching preparedness and concentrating on community efforts.
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Even a problem as serious as Y2K can have it's lighter side. And here are a few sites which take you there. Recommended reading after the Doom and Gloom sites above to pick you back up.

Gary South's Y2K Links
A not very subtle satire using the Gary North site as its source. Best read after viewing the original above, it retains the exact look and feel while keeping the tongue planted firmly in cheek.
100 Steps to Kill the M Bug
Cartoons featuring the millennium bug.
Duh 2000
A monthly contest featuring dumb things which have been said about the Year 2000 and the plans to deal with the problem. If you thought you didn't know much about the Y2K bug, you will feel like a genius after reading what others have said.
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These links are to sites which are primarily groups of links only with little information content on their own.

Yahoo:Year 2000 Problem
What would any set of links be without a link to Yahoo. Keep checking back since the references are updated frequently.
ZDNet Vendor Links
Want to find out if your software or hardware will work after the end of the year? Go to this site to link to the Y2K compliance statements of dozens of companies.
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PCY2000 Alliance
An industry organization created to help PC users understand and address Y2K issues. Not as independent as it could be, but a good place to start looking at the problem as it might be manifested on your computer.
VIASoft OnMark 2000
A vendor of Year2000 compliance checking software.
Norton 2000
Symantec (Norton) makes a Year 2000 product called Norton 2000. But they also provide a free program to check out your PC. Download it from here.
McAfee Y2K Center
If Symantec does it, McAfee will too. Check out their free program to check out your PC.
Check 2000
Another of the Y2K compliance checking software packages.
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Action 2000
Year 2000 information with an international slant.
Red Cross
The American Red Cross has some helpful hints for Y2K readiness.
Y2K for Women
This site would be valuable even without its slant towards women. Taking a decidedly non-technical approach, there is a lot of advice for both men and women. The focus is on home preparedness.
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